Can you look back on one day that changed your life forever?

For me, it was 30th August 2015. The day I was taken to emergency intensive care with heart problems. That day changed my life forever. I remember I was in the ambulance covered with a flimsy blanket, and I was thinking: this cannot be it. I want to live. I have to live. I have a mission in life and I have not yet fulfilled my mission.


As I learnt later from Bob Proctor, what happened on that day, I became  unconsciously competent.  I “integrated my belief with my behaviour.” In other words, what I knew how to do became obvious in my actions, and my behaviour. The way I acted and did things changed dramatically. I was suddenly a different person; it was shocking to everyone around me how I turned my life around in a matter of weeks.


Bob says there are two ways to integrate belief with behaviour.

One is a huge emotional impact. Bereavement, sudden illness, loss of an employment, home, and loss of capital. 9/11; Huge emotional impact.

The second is constant and spaced repetitions. Changing habits day by day, one by one.


Then my dream came true. I met Bob Proctor in July of 2016. And that encounter ignited a whole new set of goals in my mind. I am now a member of Bob’s team of highly motivated and dynamic individuals he is helping me transform my professional life.


I am living in harmony with the Laws of the Universe. I attract all that I want in my life. My mission in life is unfolding at a super-fast pace. My attitude is always on top, and I am highly focused on my actions.


But this is not luck, or chance. This is a firm decision I made. Every day I learn, and educate myself to raise my awareness to get the exact things which I have set out to do.


What I want to say to you is:  All you need to do is to make a definite decision, make a plan, and consistently and faithfully follow the plan until you succeed.

 “I CAN and I WILL”