Mariett Ramm featured in MillOnAir Global MagazineI encountered a bold and brave Quantum Leap this year, what I call, “The Shift.”

I have been reflecting on the past year, and the main thing I have learnt over the last six month is that all of us want our lives to have purpose and meaning. The meaning and purpose which replace the doubtful ambition and the paralysed struggle.

This year, after working closely with Bob Proctor, I realised I had a choice to make my Quantum Leap. I discovered who I really was in spirit and knowing. And I consciously started living the life I was born to live.

By discovering my meaning and my purpose, I could rededicate my ambition to the fulfillment of my true self. And just by allowing this to happen, loving and unique manifestations of miracles began to happen to me.

One shift that occurred for me was being featured in the MilliOnAir Global Magazine for their December 2016 issue.  I’m so excited to share with you the entire article online, please click here.

You can create your own shift and Quantum Leap too… sometimes all it takes is the self realisation to make the Shift happen.

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