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Health, wealth, and happiness is our nature state of being. I have been helping people worldwide  turn their lives around, live the  dream of their lives. Be who they were destined to be. Regardless of background, and outside circumstances.

If you decide to work with me, I guarantee you, your life will change so much that in six months, you will need a telescope to look back where you were.


Who Is Mariett Ramm?Mariett Ramm coach and PGI Consultant

Born and raised in Hungary, Mariett was always known as a smart, intelligent and inquisitive kid in school.  She always performed at A level with several languages exams.

Mariett has always had a self-motivational drive with passion and enthusiasm.

She believed that she was destined for a greater challenge and achievement in life. She knew that she would grow up to lead people at a large company because of her high spirit for humanity. She broke her first barrier at the age of 18 when she settled in the U.K. all by herself.

She quickly launched herself into the entrepreneurial world by becoming a personal chef and working with London private clients. Her interest in physiology, psychology and human behaviour prompted her to continue her education abroad. She completed a BSc Hons in Nutritional Science and became a qualified NLP Therapist.

She also persevered her interest in physical accomplishment and qualified and worked as a sport coach with triathletes and semi-professional cyclists. She took on a position as a director for an international directorship company based in the UK.

Mariett’s entrepreneurial spirit was high and successful until a personal tragedy in her life. As a result, she started a therapy business for her self-recovery. Being a dog lover, she opened a daycare for dogs, and also she advised on canine nutrition and behaviour. She was very successful at what she did. She was given the book and the dvd , The Secret around this time, and became fascinated with the teachings of Bob Proctor.

Another personal tragedy prompted Mariett to take a couple of years of recovery in France, where she was studying all she could. She realised that her entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with the personal tragedies and her learning process were leading her to the field of self-development, to master and share the immensely valuable information studied and researched by Bob Proctor for over half of a century.

Her desire is to empower individuals and to build teams whose dreams and goals become reality crowned with success. Mariett works under the direct instruction of Bob Proctor and she is proud to be a high achiever team member of  Proctor Gallagher Institute.

She loves being happy, healthy and wealthy.

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